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International Fee Notification

Thank you for your JC BASIC order! There's some important information about international orders that we want to make sure you're aware of.
(Please kindly read red comments in follow)

Fee Notification

Your country might require you to pay additional customs duties and local sales tax on your order. These fees are collected by UPS/DHL/FedEx/TNT/TOLL etc. at the time of delivery. Government-imposed fees are any fees that national and local governments charge whenever you buy imported or local goods. These can include national and local sales taxes, duties, GST, VAT, etc. Some fees are charged as a percentage of the price of the item and some are flat fees. Countries charge these fees to raise revenue and to protect domestic industries. Your government imposes, collects, and administers these fees, not JC BASIC.

Tax ID
your country might require you provide tax ID for International package.  please reply this email with your TAX ID.

Part of the country custom tariff free chart

Generally knowledgecustom tariffs by 21% ~ 30% + custom clearance fee us$15


 Initial fee amount/Exemption Amount (< follow amount tariff free) 

United Kingdom

£ 15.00


AU$ 1000.00


US$ 30.00


US$ 200.00

European Union

€ 22.00


CA$ 20.00

New Zealand

US$ 308.00


CHF 100.00


RUB 10000.00


US$ 307.00


US$ 130.00


US$ 46.00

Please attention to paypal payment Order
our logistic department default issue Invoice amount less then Exemption Amount  for your local custom in order to help you save your custom tax. We will also mention :
Free Trade Sample for Testing/Sample Purpose ,No Foreign Exchange Involved.  but your local custom might ignore this invoice. and They still charge custom tax with their estimates.   your country might require you provide bank payment receipt for International package.

Please attention to Trade Assurance online order from Alibaba

the custom clearance invoice amount same as your payment, your local custom will charge import custom tax(custom tariffs by 21% ~ 30% + custom clearance fee us$15)

About Government-Imposed Fees

JC BASIC is not responsible for government-imposed fees and cannot refund them, even if you return or exchange your order.
    •    Do not refuse to accept delivery of your order. Refused deliveries are returned to your local customs office, not JC BASIC.
    •    Because of legal restrictions, JC BASIC cannot alter its prices, offer discounts, reclassify its products, classify its products as gifts, or ship to a third country in order to intentionally avoid government-imposed fees.
    •    Government-imposed fees can vary widely from country to country, and between cities or neighborhood districts.
    •    Government-imposed fees can vary based on your citizenship or resident status.
    •    Government-imposed fees are based on the actual market value of the item. If you pay a lower promotional price for your order, your fees might still be based on the regular price.
    •    Government-imposed fees can change at any time. To find out what your fees will be, contact your local customs office.
    •    The classification codes (HS codes) for JC BASIC: Pls email our sales rep. ask for HS code.

Do Not Refuse Delivery

To receive your order, you must pay all fees that your government requires. Do not refuse to accept delivery of your JC BASIC order. If you refuse to accept delivery, UPS/DHL/FedEx/TNT/TOLL etc. does not return your order to JC BASIC. Instead, They returns the package to your local customs office, where it is classified as abandoned. If you don't pay the fees within a certain amount of time, the customs office will destroy your package. JC BASIC cannot issue refunds for abandoned or destroyed merchandise.


Processing time is about 1-3 weeks (sometimes longer depending on demand) and your order will be shipped via   Global Economy or Priority International both with Delivery Confirmation. Due to the personalized nature of our items - ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not offer returns, refunds or reprints.

IMPORTANT!!!!  If you decide to cancel your order after a proof has been provided we will refund your order minus 50% to cover the cost of all the setup work that has been done for your order. Thank you.

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