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Custom logo iron on mattress label

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Before   offer   the   price.   Get   the   quote   simply   by   completing   and   submitting   the   form   below:
•     Product:___________________
•     Measure:   _______(Height)   x   _______(length)
•     Order   Quantity:   _________________pcs
•     Where   to   Shipping:   _______________   (Country   with   postal   code   please)
•    Upload   your   artwork   via   Etsy   or   Email this form with your   artwork   (ai,   eps,   jpeg,   png   or   pdf)   with   minimum   300   dpi   resolution   for   good   clarity .
• free   mock   up   digital   proof   for   you   by   email   within   1-2   workdays.   Thank   you   for   your   patience!
•   we   can   get   started   if   you   send   us   your   consent.   so   we   will   make   custom   listing   for   you.
6-9   business   days   for   your   label   delivery   AFTER   YOUR   FINAL   PROOF   APPROVAL.
RUSH   orders   are   available   for   an   additional   fee   of   $25.00,   and   takes   approx.   One   Week   for   your   label   delivery   AFTER   YOUR   FINAL   PROOF   APPROVAL.
•   SHIPPING   DATE   to   USA/UK/AU/EU   ETC   ?
(1).   Economy   shipping   with   big   discount   from   FedEx/UPS     (Estimated   shipping   times   3-7   work   days)
(2).   Upgrade   Priority   Express   by   DHL     (Estimated   shipping   times   1-2   work   days)
• Measure   ?
Max   Height   or   Length:   Up   to   3.3"   (20cm),   soft   damask,   common   damask   woven   label   100   Denier,   Letter   height   minimum   0.7inch   (1.8mm)   ,   this   listing   base   100   Denier.
if   your   letter   height   very   small,   recommend   upgrade   high   definition.   please   convo   us   get   latest   price.
high   definition   75   denier   ,   50   Denier   ,   30   Denier   yarn   for   professional   ,   high   quality   end   label
• How   to   choose   the   quality   of   woven   label   from   30D-100D
Capital   Letter   "TEXT   EXAMPLE"   in   artwork.
Capital   Letter   9pt   =   100D   (recommend 100   Denier)   No   extra   charge   for   this.
Capital   Letter   8pt   =   75D   ( upgrade 75   Denier)   Require   an   extra   charge.
Capital   Letter   7pt   =   50D   ( upgrade 50   Denier)   Require   an   extra   charge.
Capital   Letter   6pt   =   30D   ( upgrade 30   Denier)   Require   an   extra   charge.
•   Need   font?   please   visite   www.azfonts.net   choose   your   favorite   font.
Up   to   8   colors   of   yarn.   the   price   will   be   different   if   the   color   increase.
free   download   for   pantone   solid   coated   color   in   PDF   : http://bit.ly/1zu1WPF
If   you   require   glossy   shiny,   metallic   yarn   ,Lurex,   there's   an   extra   additional   $20.   per   order.
• ARTWORK   and   layout   example?
We   will   use   your   artwork   or   PMS   choices.   (please   refer   to   Pantone   book)
NOTE:   Due   to   variation   in   monitors,   the   color   displayed   may   not   be   exact.
We   will   try   and   get   close   but   No   guarantee   of   100%   exact   color   match.
•   • Straight   cut   -   No   fold.   Straight   cut   labels   are   usually   sewn   on   all   4   sides,   the   top,   or   on
left   and   right   side   only.   No   extra   charge   for   this   fold.
•   • End fold   -   Endfold   labels   are   folded   down   on   the   left   and   right   side.   They   are   applied   the
same   way   as   straight   cut   labels,   but   have   a   softer   edge.   Sewing   contractors   may   charge
more   for   this   fold,   so   please   consult   them   before   making   your   final   decision.   This   fold   does   require   an   extra   charge.
•   • Loop   Fold   -   These   labels   are   folded   in   the   top   and   bottom,usually   sewn   in   bottom   T-shirt.   Loop   fold   labels   can   also   be   used   for   sleeve   and   hem   labels.
•   • Centerfold   -   These   labels   are   folded   in   the   middle   and   usually   sewn   into   a   seam.
Centerfold   labels   can   also   be   used   for   sleeve   and   hem   labels.   This   fold   does   require   an   extra   charge.
••   Book   cover   fold   -   These   labels   are   folded   in   the   middle   and   end   fold   ,   can   also   be   used   for   sleeve   and   hem   labels.   usually   sewn   in   bottom   T-shirt.   This   fold   does   require   an   extra   charge.
••   Miter   Fold   -   With   miter   fold   labels,   the   ends   are   folded   under   and   up,   creating   a   tab   to   be   sewn   into   a   seam.   This   fold   does   require   an   extra   charge.
••   Manhattan   Fold   -   Manhattan   fold   is   just   like   a   centerfold   label,   except   the   top   of   the
label   is   folded   down,   creating   a   flap   to   tuck   the   bottom   fold   into.   If   you   need   HEM   LABELS   we   highly   recommend   the   manhattan   fold!   This   fold   requires   an   extra   charge.
• NEED   SIZES?   custom   size   label   Min.   order   1000   labels   to   weave   FREE   SIZING   into   your   labels   ie:   S,M,L   etc.
Let   us   know   your   size   breakdowns   in   the   order.
You   will   receive   a   digital   proof   view   showing   the   placement   of   your   design,   logo   and   fold.   If   you   want   an   ACTUAL   woven   label   sample   of   your   design   made   prior   to   production,   there   is   a   $15.00   charge.
• RETURNS   or   REFUNDS?   Refunds   are   happily   given   100%   if   we   have   not   gone   to   production   or   sampling   yet.   All   orders   are   painstakingly   custom   made   just   for   you.   All   sales   are   final   on   custom   woven   damask   labels.
• Cancellations?
Once   an   order   is   put   into   production   and   is   cancelled   you   will   be   liable   for   the   cost   of   the   entire   order   since   it   is   totally   customized   to   your   specifications   and   can’t   be   used   by   anyone   else.
•   IMPORTANT   READ   ABOUT:   Our   Strict   Disclaimer   And   Design   Limitations   Regarding   Industry   Standard   Woven   Labels.
This   is   industry   standard   for   woven   labels.   With   weaving,   it   is   impossible   to   have   100%   detail   to   match   your   graphic   art,   as   these   are   literally   stitched/woven   labels   and   NOT   printed   labels.
The   size   after   cut   and   folded   finished   both   have   +-2mm   tolerances.   The   colors   of   yarn   can   have   tolerances   of   up   to15%.    please   note   that   vertical   line,   horizontal   line   circles,   curves   and   slants   are   very   tough   with   weaving,   it   will   have   a   step   to   the   next   stitch   line   in   the   weaving   process.   Also,   some   letters   may   be   larger,   etc.
If   you   need   100%   matching   of   fine   detail,   no   color   of   yarn   "peeking"   through   a   white   background   from   yarn,   you   need   printed   labels   instead   of   premium   woven.   The   yarn/threads   of   woven   labels   may   have   different   thicknesses   hence   limitations   to   some   fine   detail.   By   ordering   woven   labels   you   understand   and   agree   with   these   industry   standard   tolerances   and   are   approved   by   you   the   customer   upon   placing   this   order.   The   method   of   weaving   labels   involves   moving   parts   and   moving   loom   machinery   and   therefore   the   possibility   of   the   above   variances   These   are   NOT   printed   labels!   While   we   try   our   best   to   avoid   any   tolerance,   these   tolerances   above   are   industry   standard   for   all   woven   labels.

Woven labels--- are the vital finishing touch signifying quality and value. Our high-quality clothing labels are the extra detail that reinforces your brand's value and excellence. Woven labels are the most popular and cost-effective method of branding your garments, sewing, knitting, clothing, crafts, and other projects.

We specialize in offering solutions for a consistent brand identity. Call us today and let our label specialists guide you step-by-step in receiving a superior quality woven or printed fabric label.

Our woven and printed fabric labels are custom designed and produced with numerous options, from standard-finish materials to soft and silky products, unique cuts, shapes and techniques. An efficient ordering process, along with a superior label design and production process allows Custom Woven Labels to be cost-effective no matter the quantity while offering low minimums.

At BASIC LABEL, high-quality and affordable prices aren’t just catchwords they’re our foundation.

Woven labels are the most popular and cost-effective method of branding your garments, crafts, or any other projects requiring branding. Our labels can be produced in any quantity, using a time-tested weaving process that results in a high quality label that can withstand numerous washings. Our completely custom process allows for numerous options from standard-finish materials to soft and silky products, unique cuts, shapes, and techniques that can be produced at any quantity over 50.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum order for Woven Labels?
Our minimum order is 100 pieces. Anything lower than this we are unable to produce at a low cost to you.
Which file formats do you accept for submitted artwork??You can send your art in whichever format you'd like. Our Art Department's preferred file formats are cdr, eps, pdf, ai, svg. We will also accept psd, jpg, gif, bmp, tif, png. If you have no other alternative we will accept doc, ppt, xls, wps. No pubs or embroidery files please!

Will I be able to approve my art before my Labels are produced??

Yes. All artwork is emailed to you before going to production, unless you request otherwise. If you do not have an email address, a sales executive will make arrangements with you to send your artwork via another method.

Will I be able to see a sample of my Woven Labels before they are all made??

yes. free sample after payment,  we will email you a sewn sample of your actual label within three business days of artwork approval.

How long will it take to receive my Labels??

Production is normally 6~9 business days from final digital proof or sample approval date.

Is there a standard Woven Label size?

?No. All the labels we do are custom, however our most popular sizes for Woven labels are 20x50mm (3/4"x 2")

Will my Labels come out looking like my art??

Yes, your labels will look like the artwork upon which it is based. If your design has very small or extra fine detail, Printed Labels are a good alternative.

How many colors may I have in my Woven Labels??

Our Woven Label production machines produce labels with a maximum of 8 colors. All 8 of these colors are included at no extra charge to you. Because Woven Labels allow for significant blending of colors, often, the look of more colors is easily achieved.

How do I choose colors??

Unless you have particular Pantone ; or exact colors that must be on your design, our artists will match the colors in your design as closely as possible to our thread colors (We do not always guarantee an exact match). please contact us ask for thread colors chart.

What is the smallest lettering can be??

Without sacrificing quality and legibility, all lettering should be the equivalent of 10 points(2mm height) or larger in a standard word processing program.

What different backings can go on my Label? ?

HEATSEAL: Another word for iron-on. Allows you to apply your patch onto a garment using a home iron. If you are planning to wash your garment more than 50-80 times after the patch is applied, it is recommended that the heatseal only be used for pre-placement before sewing, and then followed up with a few tag stitches along the patch to hold it in place longer. NOTE: Heatseal will NOT stick to nylon.?VELCRO: One (hook) side or both sides are available.?ADHESIVE: This is a peel and stick backing to hold a patch is place for a single event. Will not hold up to machine washing. If you desire your patch to stay in place permanently, go with the heat seal option, or plastic and sew your patches.

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